Who is the nasty party now?

Tim Farron's speech to the Liberal Democrats highlighted why they are unable to rise above the contemptuous doorstep backstabbing that they have unleashed upon their opponents for the last two decades. Some will have Farron when he compared his own party to cockroaches. Down in single digits, one would strive to detect a little humility, some understanding that they were viewed with distaste by the electorate. There was no such introspection.

Farron gave a story that he expected the members who voted for him wanted to hear. The Tories are a nightmare and not worth wiping his shoes upon. The distaste, the disdain, the contempt dripped. And that is why the voters do not share Farron's enthusiasm for an uncivil discourse. If the Liberal Democrats were so holy, then they could take Farron's path of waiting for people to wake up and bow to their moral superiority. But Farron is not more moral than the Tories and impugning your allies is just plain nasty.

There is a nasty party in government and it is quite visible.