Obviously not enough social workers or diversity officers

For years, they turned a blind eye to the development of gang mentalities in London. Ineffectual efforts to ameliorate gang difficulties were undermined by a criminal justice system that released criminals and penalised victims. No doubt any of the looters picked up will bleat their 'rights'. Armed with a redistributionist concept of retail, most will live off some form of state benefit or illicit activity.

A softly-softly approach was adopted yesterday, trading public safety for some insane theory that this would blow itself out. A complete and unmitigated disaster. When others saw that such actions were treated with impunity, it was a wildfire incentive. Now riots are leaping across the capital.

These riots are the outcome of a progressive consensus: a state that has inverted the value of work and fetishized consumption at the expense of others. These looters are the effect of a welfare state: exercising entitlements by breaking windows and seizing goods. Grab the playstation for deferred gratification and burn the shop to the ground, with no regard for life or limb, even their own.

You put riots down, like savage dogs. You take out the ringleaders. You ensure zero tolerance for all involved. Time to bring out the water cannon and the plastic bullets. Make sure short-term pain is high and long-term gain is non-existent. And how will our 'vote blue/red/yellow, get shit' politicians respond? Hand-wringing, check. Ample rhetoric of concern and cut holidays short, check. Increase number of social workers: coming down the line.